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Dr. Rtika - in person training client 

I had the opportunity to work with Shelley and have been working with her for the past 3 months. She is a great trainer and motivator. Initially, she assessed what I was able to do and gradually progressed with the exercises and weights based on how strong I was getting. She is very punctual and makes working out so much fun by adding new exercises each time. She makes sure I get the best workout in my half hour session and pushes me to my extreme limit. I look forward to my sessions with her and have noticed considerable changes in my muscle strength and stamina. I strongly recommend her. 

Tapan - in person training client 

Shelley is not only an amazing Fitness Trainer but also a fantastic person. She is very knowledgeable in her domain of work. I liked the way she did my assessment in the very first session and determined the level of difficulty of exercises that she should get me into. She also counseled me about the right diet, stress management and importance of ample sleep to let body recover from the mental and physical stress that it accumulates on a daily basis.

She was always punctual in her timing and was never in a rush to finish the session. I liked the way she motivated me to do some of the more difficult exercises with ease. She makes sure that you follow the form and do it the right way.

Only in 6 weeks working with her I lost 10 pounds of my weight and 2 inches of my waist. Shelley educated me about all the exercises that she asked me to do and that helped me to build my knowledge as well. I read more on the internet, got sincerely interested and genuinely motivated to follow the discipline of doing exercises 5 days a week. Shelley proves what an important role a guide/mentor/trainer can play in your personal/professional development if both of you are honest in your intentions and committed towards your goal.

David H - in person training client

Shelley's training dramatically impacted my physical fitness and nutrition. Being in an intense, fast pace job, along with being a husband and father of two little girls I knew that I needed workouts and eating habits that would fit my busy lifestyle and be sustainable over the long haul. After working with Shelley for 3 months I was able to learn and incorporate sustainable exercise and eating habits, while dropping 19 pounds. With the tools I learned from Shelley I feel confident going forward that I can keep my weight down and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. I definitely recommend hiring Shelley!

Andy  W - in person training client

Shelley's training revolutionized my approach to physical fitness. Through her coaching I learned how to create a sustainable plan for eating and exercise that works with my busy schedule as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, husband and father of 3 young kids. Shelley will challenge you to higher levels of commitment and give you the necessary tools to make lasting changes to your life-style. Hire her! 

Karen W- online training client 

Training with Shelley was the kick in the pants I needed. I'd been plodding along on my own for 2 years making nominal progress. With Shelley's guidance and tweaks I fine tuned the time I was already putting in and saw physical improvements within 4-6 weeks. But I felt better within the first week!

 She helped me understand the food/fuel balance. What I needed to add into my diet that was lacking.

 She planned custom gym workouts for me and explained the movements and the importance of good form. She had me lifting heavier than I thought I could and it felt awesome!

 Shelley is Honest. Firm. Kind. Shelley is motivating! "Be brave little one" is something she said to me when I was feeling particularly insecure about taking the steps to bump up my gym fitness workout. I chanted that over and over until I was comfortable - and I got great results! To this day when I'm struggling with something in my life, I hear her speaking that phrase to me. Empowering is what Shelley is!!

Tanya S - In person training client

I have worked with Shelley for the last two and a half years in both individual and couple training. She helped me lose 20 pounds in the first year and I've kept it off plus some with diet and exercise. Shelley develops training plans for each session to get you closer to your fitness goals. She will also monitor and comment on your food journal to help keep you on track. Shelley's 30 minutes sessions are far more effective than any hour I've done in the gym on my own. Afterwards, I feel sore.. in the good way. I never push myself hard enough to get sore working out on my own and with Shelley's help I see results. She is reliable and has become a friend to work out with.

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