Flanagan Fitness
2017 Class Schedule 
Crescent Village Apartment Homes    

Monday at 7:00 pm Strong  with Tamaho at Cardiz Building 
Tuesday at 7:00 pm Yoga with Cindy at Cardiz Building
Wednesday at 7:00 pm Dance Jam with Kamila at Cardiz Building 
Thursday at 10:30 am Body Sculpt with Shelley at Cardiz  Building
Thursday at 7:00 pm Express Cycle with Jenna at Cardiz Bulding
Saturday at 10:00 am Pilates with Amy at Verona Building 
Saturday at 11:00 am Core with Amy at Verona Building 
Sunday at 10:00 am Piyo with Kelly at Cardiz Building 

Monticello Apartment Homes

Tuesday at 7:00 pm Weight Circuit with Bryan
Thursday at 7:00 pm Piyo with Tamaho
Saturday at 10:00 am Piyo with Tamaho

River View Apartment Homes

Monday at 7:00 pm Boot Camp with Bryan
Tuesday at 7:00 pm Piyo with Rupali
Wednesday at 7:00 pm Zumba with Tamaho
Thursday at 7:00 pm Spin with Vivian 
Friday at 7:00 pm STRONG with Tamaho